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The Process of Indigo Dyeing

Although indigo has many properties, it has been used as a dye for centuries, producing an immense blue colour.

Our Indigo collection has been one of our most popular, given the diverse range of effects we've been able to create with the versatile dye. We use the shibori technique, as well as dipping which gives the wonderful different colours. The vats we work with are organic, using fermented bananas (most fermentable fruits work) as the reducing agent. A chemical process takes place when the air has been taken out of the vat by the bananas, allowing the indigo to alchemise and work its magic.

One of the many benefits of dyeing with indigo is the wide range of colours one vat can produce. The first dip always produces the strongest shade, and the depth of colour is increased by dyeing repeatedly. When we're wanting a paler hue, we often dip when the vat is starting to become exhausted which occurs when too much air is getting in.

Keep an eye on our shop to see when newly dyes indigo pieces are added!

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